Have you tried to relieve yourself of constant pain? Are you finding mobility is becoming a challenge? Are you experiencing painful headaches?

Moonlady Healing Services can help you using RoTai which is an ancient form of healing that works with your own body to increase mobility, restore body function and enjoy improved health. RoTai has proven effective in helping people with all of the above plus more. After a treatment clients have noted improvement in their posture, sciatica, short leg problems, scoliosis, as well as other chronic ailments.

RoTai is a healing form of the Wushu martial arts used by Shaolin Monks for over a thousand years.

After your first treatment you will feel greatly improved, including experiencing more freedom in your motion of movement.

Benefits from RoTai include: 

Improved flexibility and range of movement

Chronic pain relief                          

Easing of pain and tension on the sympathetic nervous system

Reduction of emotional stress on muscles back to their pre-pain state                                       

Reverse effects of "fight and flight" to a normal state of wellbeing
RoTai can also reconnect and realign blocked energetic pathways to boost your body's performance.  

This promotes a positive mental state. 
After a treatment clients comment they have an increased energy level and relief from constant chronic pain. Additional treatments reinforce the benefits of the first treatment.

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