Do you want to give up a bad habit?


Perhaps you want to improve your health by losing weight or giving up smoking?


Anxiety can cause us a lot of worry, speaking in front of an audience for example. If you want to enhance your performance or any of the other examples listed above, consider hypnotherapy.


Many people fear they will be made to do something that when conscious they would not do (dance like a chicken). Hypnosis is a natural state you experience every day in many different ways. In a hypnotic trance you are in control and will not do anything you do not want to. I will be working with you as a partnership because I will be doing the hypnosis with you and never to you.


Legal definition


Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical faculty. The accepting of selective thinking, thoughts, concepts and ideas that are ok by you and consistent with your values. Altering a person’s belief or reality through suggestion. (courtesy the Tad James Company)


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