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Why Use Reiki?

By Hayley Hunkin

Do you need healing? Would you like to achieve personal growth? If so, Reiki techniques can completely transform your life. Using Reiki techniques, will enable you to relieve both physical and spiritual pain by releasing blocks of energy within the body that are causing the things that are ailing you.

Unlike traditional treatments and medications, Reiki is a non-invasive and completely safe practice. As a patient, you will not feel any discomfort, only the gentle laying of hands by the practitioner. In addition, you will not experience any side effects or complications associated with Reiki and if you are currently taking medications, Reiki will not interfere with them.

A typical Reiki treatment will leave you feeling good, deeply relaxed and in a state of euphoria. You may even experience a feeling of lightness about your body as though you have shed the weight of stress and other ailments. Warmth, tingling sensations, and a sense of ease are common during Reiki treatments. The treatments will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Further, unlike traditional medical treatments, the results of a Reiki treatment can be instantaneous especially in cases where the patient felt anxiety or pain going into their Reiki session. After the treatment, many patients have noted feeling an immediate reduction in stress, headaches, morning sickness, and pain.

Reiki is a spiritual belief however, as a patient; you do not have to believe in order for the treatment to work. The incredible power of Reiki will work regardless of whether you believe or not. However, even if you don’t believe, you should try to open yourself to the treatment so energy can penetrate your being more easily and freely to give you the maximum benefit.

Reiki does not replace conventional medical treatments or medicines however; you may use it in conjunction with conventional medicine to balance oneself or a certain ailment you are experiencing. Reiki has the ability to bring peace, relaxation, and harmony to a patient without the use of drugs or other like-kind medications and can help lessen the burden of those things in life that are weighing you down.

Reiki is a powerful tool for healing of the body, mind, and spirit, as well as encouraging personal growth. Regardless of your individual life situation or circumstances, you can benefit from using Reiki techniques. If something ails you and you would like a healing or would like to achieve personal growth, it could be the right time to try Reiki.

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