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How ThetaHealing Works

By Hayley Hunkin

ThetaHealing is a technique that uses energy to heal physical, mental and emotional issues. It uses specific brain (theta) waves that connect to the “Source” and channel healing energy. It can also help break old habits and beliefs to help you change your thinking and become more positive.
Your conscious and subconscious thoughts give you life. ThetaHealing helps you release negative thoughts and beliefs that may be buried deep and causing problems, sometimes unknowingly. By pinpointing and clearing these blockages, you can more easily achieve whatever you desire.

From the moment you’re born, your life is influenced by other people. Whether it’s family, friends, religion, education, society, peer groups and so on, your subconscious is always affected by these external forces. Around 90% of your thinking is done subconsciously so this is very powerful “programming”.

It can also be very challenging to overcome this programming because much of your behavior is automatic. You don’t question it because it’s the behavior you have had for years without even realizing it. It’s a bit like a right-handed person being forced to use his left hand for the first time.

This is what ThetaHealing does. It makes you look at your core beliefs and question their validity. It brings your subconscious programming into the conscious mind so it can be changed for the better.

Some of the problems that can be overcome with ThetaHealing techniques include: anxiety, back problems, diabetes, depression, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, guilt, grief, asthma, headaches, stress, strokes, hyperactivity and heart disease. That’s a pretty impressive and diverse list.

Some problems can be healed instantly. Other issues may take weeks or months to heal, especially if they’re very serious health-related problems that require actual regeneration of tissue. You may get a headache after a session because toxins are often released so it’s essential you drink plenty of fluids and lots of rest. Don’t have any other form of healing within a few days of this session to minimise the chances of feeling overwhelmed.

ThetaHealing isn’t based on any of the myriad of religions. Anyone can use it as long as they accept the fact there’s a higher consciousness and that healing can occur. The practitioner connects with a higher consciousness and commands that subconscious beliefs be changed into more positive habits and beliefs. The deeper you dig into people’s beliefs, the more powerful the changes can be.

The healing works on four different levels. The Soul level defines who and what you are and can be affected in many different ways. The History level is considered to be a collective consciousness based on real past lives and problems have to be resolved at this level.

The Core Belief level is the pre-programming that starts at birth and continues on through life at a subconscious level unless it’s deliberately modified. The final level is the Genetic level and is connected to your DNA, carried over through ancestors and added to your genes at birth.

ThetaHealing is a powerful way to change your life in the physical, mental and emotional states and can be of great benefit to anyone who takes advantage of it.

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