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Four Reasons Why ThetaHealing Works

By Hayley Hunkin

ThetaHealing™ is a special type of healing, discovered by Vianna Stibel, in the 1990s when she healed herself from a life threatening cancer. Since then, ThetaHealing is moving around the world, as more and more people discover the benefits of this unique style of healing.

ThetaHealing is all about reprogramming the subconscious thoughts that often lead to ill-health. Our brains are powerful organs and send messages to every nerve, cell, and organ in our bodies. If our subconscious thoughts are all saying “I don’t deserve to feel well”, our bodies will read these signals from the brain and will become ill. However, ThetaHealing goes far beyond simply invoking the power of positive thinking. ThetaHealing aims to connect with the Creator and use the universal healing power to unblock any channels of communication within the body.

While ThetaHealing is a reasonably complex system and best performed by someone who has undergone extensive training in this exciting healing method, it provides many benefits to anyone, even those who don’t know how it works. All you need to have is an open mind and give it a try. Here are four reasons why ThetaHealing can work for you.

ThetaHealing is Powerful
ThetaHealing works because it taps into a power that is a far more powerful source of healing than any human alone can have. ThetaHealing connects with the Creator of the universe. It works because the trained ThetaHealer taps into this powerful source of healing and channels that healing where it is needed in your body.

ThetaHealing Invokes Intimate Knowledge of Yourself
ThetaHealing works because when you relax under the auspices of your ThetaHealer, you will learn much about yourself, your subconscious, and your own body. While you may continue to have ThetaHealing sessions with your ThetaHealer, you will be able to put this new knowledge of yourself to work to prevent future problems. Eventually, you will be able to live a positive, healthy, and wealthy life, loving every moment of your day as you learn how to prevent your subconscious from destroying your chances and opportunities in life.

ThetaHealing is a Drug Free Therapy
Drugs and chemicals are the way the traditional healers, or doctors will treat pain. Even people who suffer from mental illnesses, such as anxiety or depression will often have a doctor prescribe antidepressants and other chemicals to improve the brain chemistry. However, some chemicals and drugs have other side effects and negative impacts on other parts of the body and may simply mask the symptoms, but not heal the problem. ThetaHealing is a drug-free therapy, so it will not have negative side-effects or simply mask the symptoms; it provides genuine healing.

ThetaHealing is Easy for the Patient
Finally, ThetaHealing works because it is so easy for the patient. There is no stress involved in the process, and you don’t have to undergo extensive probing, tests, or intrusive surgeries for healing.

ThetaHealing is a terrific healing process that is drug or chemical free and does not involve painful surgery or intrusive medical tests. It is a powerful source of healing and helps you to learn more about yourself to prevent further instances of disease in your own body. ThetaHealing really works!

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