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How Reiki Affects Your Health

The Reiki technique is a total body, mind, and spirit treatment created to give feelings of peace, wellbeing, and security. Reiki techniques are both natural and safe for anyone regardless of age or pre-existing health conditions. Research shows that it has been used to effectively aid in the treatment of every known illness and has had beneficial effects in doing so.

So, what is Reiki? A Japanese Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui, developed the Reiki healing techniques in 1922 The primary focus of Reiki is to promote stress reduction, relaxation, and natural healing in the body.

Reiki works by using a touch technique called “laying on hands” and becoming a conduit for the universal healing energy that is available everywhere. This will increase the individual’s life force energy. According to Reiki beliefs, when a person’s life force energy is low, he or she is more susceptible to sickness, stress, and other ailments. However, if your life-force energy is high, you are more able to be healthy and happy.

Some people have even used Reiki as a way to combat side effects of western medications and treatments, such as the nausea created by chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients. Using Reiki techniques allows sufferers a measure of instantaneous relief and helps to promote faster healing and recovery.

However, Reiki does not diagnose health conditions; it merely clears blockages and suppressed feelings. It releases energy, as the body needs it and to the parts of the body, that needs it. Reiki helps bring much needed harmonious balance to the body that will help you achieve a deeper sense of well being and enlightenment. A good Reiki practitioner will be able to counteract negative life-force energies and replace the life-force with positive energies that enable the body and mind to work properly.

Although based on spiritual nature, absolutely anyone can learn to use Reiki techniques without any religious affiliation. However, it is important to try to stay in harmony with others. Often times, people have reported that they became more aware of or became more in touch with their religion because of practicing Reiki.

A master of Reiki teaches the techniques to students through a process known as attunement. The state of being in attunement will give the student the ability to tap into an unlimited supply of their life energy force. This life energy force is what improves a person’s health as well as their overall quality of life.

If you suffer from stress, need to become more relaxed, or have other health related issues that need to be resolved, maybe you should try some Reiki healing techniques and enjoy the experience of a body, mind, and spirit renewal.

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