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The Benefits of Reiki

The entire Reiki concept of healing is to make each individual whole. To become whole, Reiki calls us to bring into alignment different aspects of ourselves so they work together as one for the better good of self. When we are able to do this, the benefits of Reiki are many and experienced throughout the body, mind, spirit, and emotional state.

Reiki is a deeply rooted spiritual technique that recognizes the interconnections and sacredness of each individual’s true self and works to bring about an awakening of each individual’s true potential. It is possible to enable change and healing on a physical, mental, or spiritual level using Reiki techniques. A Reiki healer becomes a conduit for the universal healing energy and brings that energy into the person undergoing the healing process.

Reiki works on all physical illnesses, even those that are chronic and acute. Reiki helps to relax the muscles and opens channels in your body to help your organs to work properly to combat the illness and speed the healing process. Patients have experienced reduction of pain and nausea associated with surgery or allopathic treatments such as chemotherapy. Sufferers of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome have experienced relief and lessening symptoms by using Reiki. For those who have circulation, swelling problems, or immune disorders, practicing Reiki helps reduce swelling, improve circulation, and improves the body’s capacity to rid itself of dangerous toxins. In addition, Reiki aids in childbirth and recovery. Some women have even reported feeling no pain during or after giving birth.

Practicing Reiki helps to ease problems with depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and insomnia. It also helps you to experience deep states of relaxation, which helps to calm the mind and bring about increased creativity and intuition.

The mind becomes calmer, memory improves, and you become more self confident when using Reiki. A person's mental state clears, which allows for more focused thinking and enhanced personal awareness. Another mental benefit of Reiki is heightened creativity and the ability to contact the healer within one’s self to fight off emotional upset brought on by depression and anxiety.

From a spiritual standpoint, the benefits of Reiki are peace, calmness, and a clearer more purposeful direction in life. You are able to feel more of a connection with self as well as others and the universe when practicing Reiki.

As you can see, the benefits of Reiki are many and the list keeps going. If you need healing, or want to gain the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, you will love how Reiki treatments will make you feel.

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