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Keeping Yourself Healthy with the Change of Seasons

By Hayley Hunkin

You know what it is like: one day is lovely, sunny, and even warm and the next it is windy, rainy and miserable again. When the seasons change and the weather plays havoc with the world, it can be difficult to keep yourself healthy. Colds and flues are rife at the change of seasons, as people who thought it would be warm discover they are not dressed for the cold that suddenly appears. Here are six ways you can keep yourself healthy.

1 - Give Your Immune System a Boost
Our immune system is what fights bacteria and viruses. Even if a cold virus enters your system, you may not get sick if you have a healthy immune system that fights and neutralises the virus before it spreads to many cells. Natural remedies such as garlic, ginger, zinc, Vitamin C, and Echinacea may all help to provide a needed boost to your immune system. Reiki can also ensure your immune system is working properly, as Reiki works to heal any blockages throughout your body that lead to bad health.

2 - Wash Your Hands Frequently
It may sound simple, but one of the easiest ways to stay healthy during the change of seasons is to wash your hands frequently. If you touch a hand rail, a shopping trolley, or money, you will come into contact with many germs and bacteria left there from previous users. Washing your hands before you inadvertently rub your nose or transfer the germs to your mouth is one way to prevent the spread of illnesses.

3 - Stay Away from People with Colds
If you have a cold, stay away from other people. It is better to stay at home than to spread the virus around the office. People spread germs and bacteria, so avoiding close contact with someone who has a cold is always a good idea. Keep at least a metre away from a person who has a cold and wash your hands and face after speaking to the person. This will help you to stay healthy yourself.

4 - Wear Layers
During the change of seasons, the easiest way to ensure you stay warm is to wear layers of clothing. This way, you can take off the outer layer when you get warm and have a jacket or jumper handy for when it cools off again. Wearing layers allows you to maintain your ideal body temperature even when the weather changes. Remember that during the change of seasons, it is likely for the weather to change within a few hours, so that what you chose to wear in the morning may not be appropriate for the weather in the afternoon.  

5 - Continue to Exercise
Exercise is terrific for our bodies and not just to lose weight or to stay fit. By exercising regularly, you will enable your body to sweat out toxins and viruses that may attack your health. The improved circulation that occurs when you exercise helps your immune system to filter out the toxins, bacteria, and viruses, so you will be less likely to get a cold if you exercise several times a week.

6 - Get Healing When You Need It
Of course, the best way to stay healthy is to be healthy to start with. However, most people are not healthy all of the time and many have insidious problems that may affect their health for many years. This is where Reiki and ThetaHealing can help. If you do want to stay healthy over the change of seasons, revitalise and energise your body with some hands on Reiki or ThetaHealing sessions. If you do get a cold, Reiki and ThetaHealing can help you to fight the cold and get better much quicker.

Staying healthy during the change of seasons is not always easy, but it is possible. If you do get a cold, stay away from other people to avoid spreading the virus and get healing as soon as possible. Keep washing your hands and wear layers to stay warm, even when the weather changes.

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