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Can Your Pet Benefit from Reiki?

By Hayley Hunkin

Does your pet suffer from arthritis, painful joints, or any form of ill-health? Cats and dogs are part of our families and we appreciate the joy they bring into our lives. Veterinary bills can be extremely expensive and are often out of the reach of many families. Reiki is a natural healing therapy that can be just as effective on our beloved pets as for humans and the healing sessions are definitely much cheaper than visits to the vet.

Our pets can feel stress and will also pick up on our vibes of stress. If you are particularly stressed, your pet will know instinctively that something is wrong and become stressed as well. When you book a healing Reiki session for yourself, you should take care of the other important members of your family too.

Reiki sessions have helped to calm animals who have stressed by particular events, such as nearby fireworks displays or even a terrible storm. Some animals react violently to loud sounds and can even start shaking all over their bodies. A Reiki healing session helps your pet to become calm again and the pet will often curl up to sleep after a session.

If your pet is suffering from ill-health or just seems more listless than usual, a few Reiki sessions may help to reinvigorate your pet and help the body to self-heal. Reiki connects with the spiritual power that provides life, so healing is an essential component of any Reiki session, whether it is for humans or animals.

As cats and dogs age, arthritis can cause painful movements that prevent your pet from enjoying life as much you do. Arthritis is a deterioration of the joints, allowing the bones to painfully rub against each other. Humans will also know this is a particularly painful condition and it can affect your pet too.  If you notice your cat or dog starts struggling to go up or down stairs or becomes tired too quickly on a walk, you may find that Reiki sessions can help to heal and soothe the agonies of arthritis, restoring muscular movement to your pets.

Your pet is a much beloved companion and part of your family. Your pets love you unconditionally and always welcome you home. Surely, they deserve the same level of care and healing as we give ourselves. Reiki sessions can certainly help pets to become calm, reduce stress, and increase their immunity. The heat generated from the healing can have an extremely beneficial effect on the pain of arthritis and enable your pets to move freely once again.

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