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Stop Negative Thoughts from Destroying Your Life

By Hayley Hunkin

This is not an article on "positive thinking" and it is not simply going to tell you to "think positive thoughts". It is about how to heal the negativity that effectively stops you from achieving your life goals and dreams. The trouble with negative thoughts is that they are so persuasive and pervasive. That is - negative thoughts are easy to believe and often easier to think than positive thoughts about yourself and the world around you.

While simply changing your thought patterns to a more positive outlook may help you in some ways, you actually need to heal the harm that negativity has already created in your life. You also need to unblock the channels to positive thinking that many years of thinking in negative patterns has caused.

This is where a combination of ThetaHealing™ and Reiki can help you to extinguish the negative thinking that allows you to destroy your life. Reiki works by connecting your body and mind to the life force that rules the universe. It is both a relaxation and stress reduction technique that enables you to heal through the connection to the healing life energy. ThetaHealing™ unblocks the channels that connect you to the universal life force and, by connecting intimately into your subconscious mind, allows new thought patterns to be established.

Negative thoughts are destructive. Firstly, a negative thought about yourself can damage your self-esteem, leading to destructive habits such as smoking, overeating - or comfort eating, or other self-hating mechanisms such as gambling, or excessive drinking. Secondly, negative thoughts prevent you from connecting to the universal healing force, which is a positive energy. Finally, negative thoughts stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. If you dream of being successful in your career, but then immediately cancel that dream with a negative thought of "But, I'll never really achieve that" or "I don't deserve that", you will find that you do not achieve your goals and dreams.

You may not even think you are a negative person, but you could be struggling in just one area of your life. For example, you may find Mondays a particularly hard day. Every Monday morning, you groan in bed and hate the thought of getting up to face the day. Imagine how your life would change if you could completely cure your "Mondayitis" and become someone who loves Mondays. What would your life be like if you woke up refreshed and excited every day about your work, your family, and your life?

A combination session of Reiki and ThetaHealing™ could be the key to disrupting your ingrained negative thinking about Mondays and could help you to wake up on a Monday morning with a great big smile on your face. By tapping into the healing universal life force or life energy and disrupting the pattern of thinking negatively about Mondays, you can have the power to change how you think.

You may need a couple of sessions to break an ingrained habit, because this means that the positive channels have been blocked for many years in this area. The combination of Reiki and ThetaHealing™ provides both the healing elements and the connection to the spiritual power that enables you to make real changes in your life. Don't let negative thinking continue it's destructive forces in your life any longer. Empower yourself to create a future where your happiness and health is wonderful by engaging in Reiki and ThetaHealing™.

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