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Healing Properties of Popular Crystals

By Hayley Hunkin

Crystals have often been used in healing practices around the world and many crystals and mineral stones can assist in providing natural healing to your body. The following is a brief list of some of the most popular crystals and how each crystal can provide specific healing properties.


Fertility is one of the key uses of this good luck stone of layered quartz. Like many crystals, there are different colours of agate and the different types will appeal to different personalities. Generally, agate builds self-confidence and encourages the user to choose friends carefully for prosperity and inner peace. It is also a protector of children, hence the fertility connection.

Amber is ancient petrified resin, which is excellent at detoxification. It is helpful for people who suffer from depression. Amber also provides protection from radiation or other toxins in the environment and can provide a ballast for you from other people's negative energies.

As a stone of courage, aquamarine is tranquilizing and promotes openness, innocence, lightheartedness, self-awareness and confidence. People will often use aquamarine in meditation, as it increases creativity, sharpens intuition, and reduces fears. Wear near the throat to reduce sore throats or to aid the user in verbal expressions.

This group of mineral crystals includes aquamarines, emeralds, heliodor, morganite, and golden beryl. Because beryl can assist people to learn how to filter out distractions or unnecessary stimulation, beryl is excellent for meditation and for calming the mind. A blue beryl will stimulate communication, green will provide acceptance and healing, pink reawakens love, white supports spiritual growth and yellow gives strength.

A crystallized form of calcium, calcite is one of the best crystals for healers. It is an energy cleanser and amplifier. Anyone looking for enlightenment and mental growth will appreciate the insights calcite can bring.

Chinese people have revered jade for centuries for its healing powers.  Used for encouraging health, wealth, and longevity, Jade provides users with courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, stamina, love, and fidelity. With a gentle, steady pulse of healing energy, jade provides all over well being.

From the Carribean, this beautiful blue stone provides calm from the sea. It soothes hurts, fears, and depressions. Larimar is famous for providing users with self-expression, patience, simplicity, and creativity.

With a high copper content, malachite has a steady pulsing electromagnetic energy and will stimulate physical and psychic vision and concentration when placed on the brow. If worn near the heart, malachite will promote strength, both emotionally and physically. It will draw out anxieties or psychosomatic issues and teach us to take responsibility for our own actions.

This beautiful crystal honours the goddess in all women. Providing emotional balance, moonstone soothes stress and reduces anxiety. Moonstone helps cool and calm over-reactions to emotional and personal situations and promotes transitions in life with greater flexibility.

Quartz is the master healer and is an essential crystal for anyone who needs healing. The different types of quartz focus on healing different areas of the body, so buy the right type of quartz for your needs. Quartz brings harmony and peace.

Sardonyx is commonly used as a protection crystal. It can protect you from criminal activity, so many people will use sardonyx in each corner of their home.  

This beautiful stone is known as the "kiss of the sun" and promotes energising and empowering yourself. Sunstone is particularly helpful when dealing with "energy vampires" or those people around you who continually sap your energy with negative emotions.

Tiger's Eye
The Tiger's Eye crystal is famous for bringing money, protection, courage, luck, confidence, and clear thinking. It works on the mental plane and amplifies what you are thinking about or what is manifesting in your life. When you use this stone in your meditation, you could find it easier to separate your thoughts from your emotions, which enables clearer thinking and helps you to recognise your talents.

Topaz is stone of true love and success in your endeavours, so it is a terrific crystal to use when you want to improve your relationships at work and in the romantic field. The different colours of topaz offer different healing, but all levels of topaz provide creativity and increase mental clarity and focus.

Turquoise is famous as an all-over healing crystal. Worn close to the skin, turquoise provides the feelings of well-being and promotes communication. Use turquoise at your throat to promote communication between your mind and your heart (or your soul).

Crystals can provide natural healing and can help you to focus during meditation sessions.

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