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Reasons to try ThetaHealing

By Hayley Hunkin

As with all forms of alternative therapy and healing, it’s up to you as an individual to decide what therapies you want to try. If you haven’t experienced a certain mode of healing, you can’t know what the benefits might be for you. There are numerous reasons to use ThetaHealing™ to help improve aspects of your life.

One of the main reasons to try ThetaHealing is that you can reprogram aspects of your thinking through your subconscious. It’s very difficult to change habits and pre-programmed beliefs that are buried deep within your psyche. This is exactly why ThetaHealing is ideal. It provides you with ways of reprogramming your brain to change your negative habits.

All self-improvement programs know that the subconscious mind is what they need to target to achieve the best results. ThetaHealing is different from most self-help programs because it works precisely and directly with your subconscious thought processes.

This healing process is often faster than most others available. In fact, some improvements can be noticed instantly and may seem miraculous. However, miracles have nothing to do with it. It’s just that the manipulation of your subconscious programming works at a very deep level, which means you can plough through blockages and release them.

This form of healing measures self-improvement through muscle testing. If you think or say anything that the subconscious mind recognises as true, the body’s magnetic and electrical fields become stronger, as do your muscles. Conversely, if something isn’t true, everything weakens.

ThetaHealing can be used with other modes of natural therapies, such as Reiki, because of its extreme flexibility. It embraces the idea of combining therapies and ideas to achieve a stronger outcome, whereas many other types of therapies prefer you to stick with just one type of treatment. ThetaHealing enables other therapies to work better for you and people often end up just using ThetaHealing because of its unique techniques.

Many people use ThetaHealing to regain control of their lives, afterdamage by some of life’s other stresses, including subconscious programming and bad habits. They want to turn their lives around and understand that this method will enable them to do that.

Instead of just treating symptoms like other traditional therapy modals, ThetaHealing gets to the root of your problems and modifies your beliefs to empower you to make powerful, and permanent changes.

Children up to the age of seven are generally in Theta Brainwave mode most of the time and they readily absorb beliefs and habits from those around them. If they live in a positive environment, their behaviour will be more positive. If they’re influenced by a negative environment, that will imbed itself in their psyche and remain there until a ThetaHealer can release such negativity.

ThetaHealing can also heal severe physical medical problems. Vianna Stibal, the founder of this healing method, first discovered it when she had lymphatic cancer in her right leg. Nothing that was tried was working to heal it. She used her existing psychic abilities to heal the leg completely and the doctors were astounded at the results. She looked into this further and thus ThetaHealing was born.

More people are turning to alternative forms of therapy because traditional ones often don’t work or are simply too slow. You have nothing to lose by trying this method and you may very well solve problems you didn’t even know existed.

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